I was born in Næstved in Danmark in 1972; efter different experiences in carpentery, design and art schools, I discovered my passion for sculpture.

In 1995 I move to Venice to attend Academy of Fine Arts where I stayed for 5 years. In that period I started to realize my first fusions in bronze and I showed them at the Leone Gallery at the Giudecca island (Venice). 

In 2000 I was chosen to represent Denmark, at "Open2000"  at Venice Lido during the Mostra del Cinema, with a work called "Flying stone". 


Soon after I started a collaboration with Berengo Fine Arts of Murano achieving some glass sculptures.

I took part to many collective exhibitions in Paris and in Holland.


In 2001 I returned  to Denmark where my italian experience flowed into a continuous experimentation of different shapes and materials.

In the next years I partecipated with  my works to different exhibitions expecially in Paris and in my country.



All my works are abstract compositions inspired by Nature, by its materials, shapes, surfaces and rules.

Even my studio is nestled on a fiord where Nature reigns and a simple walk or a kajak trip are able to suggest new ideas.

A trip to the island of Ortigia (Siracusa, Sicily) in the 2014 with my wife Amanda Maselli  and the direct contact with the classical architecture and culture has been decisive not only to awake my passion for history and the ancient world, but also to reflect on the time and ruin concepts.

Actually every historic time has  its "ruins" meaning artistic, historic and functional evidences; therefore not only the past but also the future will have its own ruins and remains.

All this flew in a series of sculptures showed not by chance at the Ortigia island, with an exhibition in May 2015.